VC picoSmart 3D

Our application example for the use of the VC picoSmart in triangulation applications
Laserprofilsensor VC pisoSmart 3D.

The smallest embedded vision system combined with a laser module

Size from about
100 x 40 x 41 mm
High insensitivity
to extraneous light
up to 100,000 lux
Laser line module with blue high power sensor
Real-time image processing
1 megapixel global shutter image sensor
Laser: class 2, wavelength 450nm, 130mW, blue laser line
Laserprofilsensor VC picoSmart 3D.

The easy way to a smart 3D laser profile sensor

All advantages of the VC picoSmart 3D

Managing versatile triangulation tasks
The sensor offers a comprehensive solution for different triangulation tasks. All necessary components are included – from the laser module, to mock plow adapters, to the 1 megapixel image sensor. Also included are components for real-time image processing.
Fulfill specific requirements
All components of the VC picoSmart 3D are long-term available and series-optimized. The OEM module provides you with the perfect basis to develop an individual 3D sensor - with minimal expenditure of time and money.
Carry out precise production processes
The VCRT operating system enables onboard data processing. Various tasks, such as object position and detection, angle measurement and adhesive bead inspection can be performed accurately, making all applications more efficient.

1st place at the "Products of the Year" award ceremony

Readers of the trade journal Elektronik and the online platform voted the laser profile sensor Product of the Year 2023 and winner of the "Embedded Hardware" category.

VC picoSmart 3D brochure

In the brochure you can learn more about all technical data of the VC picoSmart 3D.
Flyer zu VC picoSmart 3D.

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