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VC nano 3D-Z

Triangulationssensoren der Serie VC nano 3D-Z.

Millimeter-accurate laser triangulation for OEM applications

Produktfeatures VC nano 3D-Z.
Laser: class 2
wavelength 450nm, 130mW
Blue high power laser
Ideal for metal, foiled and shiny materials
Insensitive to
ambient light up to 100,000 lux
Large measuring ranges: Working distances from
55 mm to 3.270mm
With robust protective housing
Produktfeatures Vc nano 3D-Z.

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The VC nano 3D-Z for your application

Angle measurement for sheet metal bending
The VC nano 3D-Z offers measurement of the bending angle and adjustment of the bending process in real time. The camera system works without an external computing unit.
Robot guidance
Through the 3D scan, tasks of welding and gluing beads can be performed accurately. Effects such as heat distortion or material and bearing tolerances are automatically compensated.
Volume measurement
The VC profile sensors make it possible to precisely portion food in production, accurately determine the weight of products or sort them according to different quality levels.
3D scan
In the logistics industry, the camera can be used to detect packages. Using 3D scanning, components and their positioning can be precisely identified. This makes the production process much more efficient.
Welding seam inspection

Through 3D measurements, flaws in welds can be detected and thus corrected.

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VC nano 3D-Z regular
VC nano 3D-Z large
VC nano 3D-Z x-large.
VC nano 3D-Z xxlarge
VC nano 3D-Z xxlarge

The VC nano 3D-Z in use

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